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Asmodian Leveling Guide 23 - 24 (Brusthonin Questing)

So, you decided you wanted to quest these last two levels? Or, at least try to! Teleport to Brusthonin and turn in your quests and accept all new quests here. You should have the following quests:

The Seeds of Hope
Everyone Has a Secret
Obstacle to Cultivation
Scared of Undeads
Plague-Spreading Porgus

The first thing you will want to do after you accept all of these quests is head to where I am in the picture below. Here you will find a scarecrow nammed Lugo who has a quest for you.

Polluted Waste

Accept the quest and kill 10 Laggardly Snufflers in the area. Also while you're here you will want to right click on 5 Earth Mounds. This will plant a seed in the mound for the quest "The Seeds of Hope".

NOTE: If you can't find any Laggardly Snufflers, check across the road where we grinded at 22. There are plenty over here.

Earth Mound

After you complete your quest return to Lugo and turn it in. After you turn in your quest and also finished with the Earth Mounds you will want to continue north to another scarecrow with a quest, Virhu.

Virhu Location

Virhu is at my location on the map, once you get here accept his quest and collect Wild Frightcorn10 Wild Frightcorns. The Wild Frightcorns can be found at each of the Farm "squares" around here, they stand tall and look like, well, dead fright corns. They stand out, you can't miss them even if you were blind.

Wild Frightcorn

Once you have all 10 you will want to head a bit east to Vidohunir. He is the "X" on my map, which can be seen below.

Havenjark Cemetary

Over here you will want to turn in your quest and accept the follow up. Now continue east to the next "X" on my map, which can be seen below.

Haunted Graveyard Location

Over here you will find a Graveyard filled with Ghosts. In this graveyard you will want to grab the Skull you need from the Corpse in the Stone Coffin, picture seen below.

Corpse in the Stone Coffin

At the Graveyard and in its surrounding areas you will want to kill the following mobs; 5 Vigilante Spirits, 3 Hunter Spirits, 3 Witch Spirits and 3 Healer Spirits. You need to kill these for your "Obstacle to Cultivation" quest. After you complete this quest you will want to return to Virhu and turn in your quest. After you've done that, head a bit southwest from Virhu to Havenjark Farm.

Havenjark Farm

Here you will want to kill 20 Snickering Boggarts and 15 Wailing Banshees. Also on the southwestern end of the farm you will find a pack of Gluttonous Porguses. You will need to kill 10 of these as well. Once you get all 45 kills that you need you will want to continue west, just on the other side of Havenjark Farm.

NOTE: In the Havenjark Farm area you can find a note that is hanging on a wall of a broken building. This note is called "Faded Note". When you interact with it you will start a quest.

Havenjark Farm

Over here you will need to kill Unfest Vigilante's for their skulls as well as Anubite Astrologers for theirs. Now, the Astrologers will summon a pet when they get low on HP, which cons as "??" and hits for quite a bit. You will need to quickly finish them off or you will die. If the pet doesn't despawn you will need to run for the hills.

Another huge camp of the Unfest and Anubite mobs that you need to kill are directly across the road to the west. Once you complete this quest you will want to return to town and refresh your supply of quests. From town you will want to head northwest to the next area, location is on my map below.

Undead Farm People Location

Here you will need to kill 11 Undead Farm Residents as well as 11 Undead Farm Workers. You can find them all over the place, after you kill all 22 of them you will want to continue further west to the next quest NPC.


Turn in your quest and accept the follow up. Afterwords you will want to head far northeast to the next area. Take a look at my map below for the exact location:

Borderline Brusthonin Higher Level Area

It's the "X" at the far northern end of my map, if it wasn't already obvious. After you turn in your quest you will want to return to town. Back in town you will want to turn in all of your quests and accept any follow ups. You should have two quests to do now, "[Group] The Lingering Ghost" and "The Elyos of Brusthonin".

The [Group] quest requires you to kill an elite that can be found at quite a few different areas in Brusthonin. You'll need a group for it, chances are someone will know all the spawn locations. Your next quest will require you to head all the way back across the map far west to the Elyos Outpost. The Elyos Outpost is right where you found the dead Asmodian Soldier.

Vigrid Plains and Elyos Outpost

Here you will need to kill the Elyos for Elyos Marks10 Elyos Marks. Once you have all 10 you can return to town and turn in your quest. The captain will give you another quest to return to the Elyos Outpost and kill the commander. However this quest isn't really worth the run since it doesn't give much XP. If you want to do it, have at it. I recommend you skip the quest and return to Morheim and grind out the last level.





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