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Steelrake Attunement Guide


To get attuned for Steelrake you will need to find and talk to Uikinerk whom wonders around Beluslan. When you find Uikinerk you will want to speak with him and accept a quest. When you have this quest you will want to tell him you're ready to be ported to Steelrake. Below is a picture of all 3 of the locations you can find Uikinerk.

Uikinerk Locations

Here you will want to speak with the NPC to continue your quest then grab the Scroll out of the bag in your jail cell. Once you have the scroll, open your inventory and use it to be taken out of Steelrake. You will be taken to this island where you will need to speak with Garkbinerk in The Upper Abyss. After you speak with him you will need to head to Pandaemonium and speak with Payrinrinerk at the Airship Dock.

Airship Dock

After you turn in your quest the two NPC's behind him will have quests. You can accept them if you want, but better yet.. you're keyed for Steelrake! To enter Steelrake you will need to speak with the NPC just to the east of Payrinrinerk.






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