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Aion Class Guides

When you start out in Aion only 4 class options will be available to you. These 4 options are Scout, Mage, Priest and Warrior. When your character reaches level 10 you will be able to further specialize in your class. Below is a list of each of the classes, click the link to learn more about them.

These guides were created in 2009/2010 for the original version of Aion and will contain relevant information for Aion Classic.

Sorcerer Sorcerer





- Ranger Kiting Guide



Aion Faction Guides

There are 3 factions that are discussed in Aion. These 3 factions are the Elyos, Asmodians and Balaur. The Elyos and Asmodians are at war with each other. As for the third faction which is refered too as the "NPC" faction, they hate everyone equally. As of now, the Baluar are currently not player, will that ever change in the future? Who knows. Not only will each faction determine who you will fight, but each faction will give you unique abilities as well. Click on the faction below that you'd like to know more about.





















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