Dirty Laundry Quest Guide

Code for Dirty Laundry Mission - 576 (Dirty Laundry Quest Video Walkthrough)

The Dirty Laundry mission is one of the very first "confusing", missions. It's the one that you'll always see people shouting "what's the password for Dirty Laundy?" in general chat. But you probably don't care about any of that, do you? Don't worry though, once you know the code, which this page says everywhere, you'll be just fine with the mission! Below is a location on my map where you will find the dead body that has the Dirty Laundry quest available.

After you grab the quest inspect the cell phone to update it which is when it will tell you to go to the church and look for the loose stone.

Dirty Laundry Quest Location

Right outside church at the location seen in my video (below) is where you will find the Loose Stone which has the Hidden Keypad underneath. You may have to fight off a pack of zombies or wait for the stone to respawn if someone has done the quest recently but don't worry. You won't be waiting too long!

Loose Stone

After you inspect the stone it will vanish and you'll see the keypad on the ground. Type in the code 576 and hit ok and you'll be done the quest!

Dirty Laundry Keypad Code

Below is a video walkthrough, narrated, that will help you with anything else you could possible need, like, for example, finding the keypad or anything like that. Cheers!

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