A Reasonable Man Quest Guide

A Reasonable Man is the first "telescope" mission players come across in the game. There are three of these missions that I have found, all of which require you to zoom in on a target and either hold there for a little bit or click around. It's always just one tier of the quest but regardless it is one really annoying tier of every quest. That is at least the first time around, once you know where to click and zoom in there's no big deal! Anyway for this quest it is Tier 3 and you need to zoom into the barrels which are right next to the extremely large golem guy.

After you click on the barrels the tier will complete and update. The next tier has you fighting Zombie Goliaths down on the beach followed by the big zombie guy you saw next to the barrels. Fun! If you're still lost on wher to look, below is a picture and video of where you need to zoom in for this quest.

A Reasonable Man Tier 3



















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