Mummy Issues Quest Guide

This is by far one of the most annoying quests I have ever done in my life. So much so that I did not even finish the quest, I got to tier 3 and then I grinded for 2 hours and didn't get the final piece I needed to open a door. Needless to say I just moved onto another quest hub and gave up at that point. I'll do my best to assist you though with the parts of the quest I did do! So for tier 1 you need to get the Temple Key to gain access to the Temple, of course.

Once you right click the door you will fight waves of Mummies and then one big guy who will seemingly drop nothing. But search the ground around his feet and, Bam! The Temple Key will be on the ground. Take a look at the picture below if you can't figure out what you're looking for on the ground.

For Tier 2 of Mummy Issues you need to find a piece of parchment on the ground and burn it at the fire in the center of the room to "entice" the boss to attack you. The parchments you need can be found lying all around the room. When the boss uses "Walled Up" get behind him and hit him to break his channel. This will allow you to continue the fight normally. After you eliminate the boss you will continue onto Tier 3 which is the most annoying tier of any quest ever.

Tier 3 has you collect the Top Tablet Piece, the Right Tablet Piece and the Lower Left Tablet Piece. The Top Tablet Piece drops from Rasul the Messenger who walks around. He's the really big guy and every time you kill him the piece you need drops. The second piece you need is the Lower Left Tablet Piece which drops from the Messengers of Rib-Hadda. And the final piece you need is the Right Tablet Piece. This is where I stopped the quest because I farmed for literally three hours and didn't find it.

If you have any information on finding the Right Tablet Piece or the rest of the mission please email me via the "Submit A Guide" page at the bottom of the screen. I'd love to hear from you!





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