From Oxford With Love Quest Guide

This is one of my favorite quests in all of Egypt for two reasons. One, once you learn where the artifact locations are the quest is no longer hard. Two, because almost every single tier of this quest has another side quest you can pick up and do at the same time. For the second tier you can get the water bottles mission from the camp where you get the quest. For the third tier there will be a dead guy holding your artifact with a mission that requires you to seal the crypt doors all around camp. Extremely easy and great experience.

After you plant the smoke flare for tier 5 heading in the unobvious direction towards the mountain will lead you to a valley where you can get another mission that invovles you killing cultists. For this guide, unlike most of the other guides on my website, I use videos instead of pictures. Enjoy!

From Oxford With Love Artifact Tier 2

From Oxford With Love Artifact Tier 3

From Oxford With Love Smoke Flare Location for Tier 5





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