Of the Forest Quest Guide

Of the Forest is one of the first quests you'll be doing when you arrive in Transylvania. It's fairly easy and has you killing the same Ghouls you killed for the very first quest. Despite this quest being so radically straight forward their was a single part that I felt might be confusing for some players. That part of the quest is tier 2 where you need to find something to seal the pipe. For this part of the quest you need to enter the factories fenced in concrete yard and run over to the large drum barrels.

Ontop of 3 of the barrels you'll find Metal drum lids. These are what you need to use in order to seal the pipe. A screenshot of these metal drums can be found below.

Metal Drum Lid

Other than that this quest is easy as pie. Even this tier isn't that hard I just know someone out there will get lost and confused looking so I made this guide just for you one person! (P.S it confused me for a minute or two too!)







































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