A Ghoulish Feast Quest Guide

A Ghoulish Feast is the first quest you will come out to in Transylvania, the first endgame zone. This quest is easy for the most part but it has a few parts that make you think so that's what this guide is here to go over. The first part that may confuse you a bit is actually the very first tier. What you need to do is find Ghoul Holes which are located inside of the barns around the part of the town infested with ghouls. Below is a picture of the Ghoul Hole that you need to find.

Ghoul Hole

After you find the first Ghoul Hole you'll be required to find another for the next tier. As you could have guessed, just look inside of another barn and you'll find it. Moving onto the next tier you have to burn a Rotting ghoul corpse. A picture of what you're looking for can be found below. The ghoul corpses can be found around the Withered Trees which can be seen further down this page. These trees are used in the next part of the quest so pay attention to them!

Rotting Ghoul Corpse

The Withered Tree is used in a few different parts of this quest. First you have to burn Rotting Ghoul corpses under it then you have to kill ghouls under it and then you need to follow it's roots back to the first town of Transylvania. Mainly all you need me for is to show you a picture of the tree, which is right below this paragraph here. Once you see that every other part of the quest becomes obvious!

Withered Tree





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