The Secret World Farming Guides

           These guides here will go over all of the best farming locations that I have found in The Secret World. Some locations are for grinding experience and others are for grinding for loot. I'll let you know which is which early so you don't get confused, don't worry. Now, if you're new to MMORPGs, which a lot of people are it seems with The Secret World... Let me start by telling you a little bit about farming. If you're an mmo veteran feel free to skip this next paragraph.

           Farming is the act of acquiring items through constantly killing the same monsters. This is pretty much laymans terms for repetitious killing in the same area for hours on end to achieve loot either worth selling or worth using. Grinding is much like farming but implies your main intention is getting experience over loot. That's pretty much how you can tell apart my two different types of guides in this section aswell. On a similar note I would like to say that farming and grinding isn't for everyone. It gets boring fast and feels like work. Don't get mad at me if these guides "don't work" it's al luck!

           I have my farming guides split into three different parts here. One is Soloman's Island which I will probably just put all my grinding locations in there... Lets face it, the island isn't the best to farm anyway. After that is Egypt which actually probably has a few good locations for both. Then there is Transylvania which most definitely has some amazing farming locations that I have found. Ultimately how it looks like TSW's endgame works is repeat all hard quests (Transylvania and then maybe sometimes Egypt) and then do whatever you want on your "days off".

           As you get more Sequins and Experience you can probably slow down a bit on repeating quests, at least in Egypt. But Transylvania they seem to want repeat runs of. Some quests started giving baggies of goodies (which I am fairly certain is an increased chance at a blue) and also some quests give Tradeskill materials, Pure ones, which are worth a lot of money. On that note, watch the Pure markets closely. A lot of the time salvaging items is more profitable than vendoring them.

Soloman's Island



































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