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Dungeons are areas of the game that require a group to complete. If you're semi new to MMORPGs you may know them better as Instances. In this game they take the shape of quests. The Purple quest on your quest bar to be exact. You can only have one dungeon quest at a time and you'll need to find some other players in order to complete it. That is, at least, unless you completely and totally out gear the dungeon. But even then some mechanics may prevent you from beating it.

Every single Dungeon in TSW has barely any trash mobs. Funcom tried to make the dungeons more fun and interesting so almost every single fight is a miniboss or a boss.

As you progress and gain better Quality Level(QL) gear more dungeons will become available to you. The very first dungeon players can do is Polaris which is outside of Kingsmouth on Soloman's Island. It's an extremely easy dungeon that can be solo'd by players in QL10 gear. Not saying they'll get amazing gear from it but stating that's one of few dungeons players can solo. Anyway, once you get all QL10 gear you will be able to run Elite and Nightmare dungeons.

In order for players to run a Nightmare dungeon they must have completed all 8 of the previous Elite dungeons. Every single dungeon in the game can be ran as an Elite dungeon but only a few of those dungeons can be run was Nightmare dungeons. Also all of the harder dungeons have exactly the same strategies as the previous dungeons. Every boss is the same so if you did the dungeon before you'll do just fine. Before I get into a super long guide about Nightmare and Elite dungeons here is a list of all the dungeons in the game.

Polaris (QL 2 -3)

Inferno (QL 3 - 5)

The Darkness War (QL 5 - 6)

Ankh (QL 6.5 - 8)

Hell Fallen (QL 8 - 9)

The Facility (QL 10)

Hell Eternal (QL 10)

Slaughterhouse (QL 10)

Those are currently all of the dungeons in the game. All 8 of these dungeons can be ran as Elite dungeons but as aforementioned only a select few can be ran as Nightmare dungeons. After finishing all of your Elite dungeons you will need to kill the Gatekeeper (off of Agartha) and then you will unlock the Nightmare dungeons. Nightmare dungeons have lockout timers. If you're unfamiliar with a lockout timer it doesn't let you back into the instance after you complete a certain task in it for a certain amount of time.

This game locks you out after you kill the first boss in an instance and it locks you out for a total of 16 hours. The lockout timer isn't too bad considering there are quite a few bosses in each of these dungeons and the bosses drop some of the best loot in the game. The best part about running instances in TSW is that if the bosses don't drop any loot for you they also give you Black Bullions which are Tokens you can use to purchase gear from your faction's home city.


The Black Bullions are pretty easy to come by, like I said earlier, one for every mini boss and two for a main boss. With that in mind as you could imagine they pile up quick. These tokens are in the game for players who don't get lucky every run and find a piece of gear that they need or that is good for them. It's a nice alternative to acquiring gear through running instances. All of the gear you can purchase with the Black Bullions costs 50k Pax and 30 Black Bullions each. Every piece of gear you can buy is epic QL 10 gear and doesn't have any Glyphs or Signets attached to it.





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