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Conqueror Build Guide - Titan Quest

Conqueror Warfare Mastery

Conqueror Defense Mastery

Skill Trees: Defense and Warfare
Primary Skills: Onslaught, Battle Standard, Shield Charge, Battle Awareness, Rally, Colossus Form,
Important Stats: Vitality Resistance, Piercing & Physical Resistance, Offensive Ability and Defensive Ability
Attributes: Strength and Dexterity with a little bit of Health. Levels 65+ you can dump some into Energy too if you'd like

The Conqueror is one of the most popular classes in Titan Quest because it's the go-to melee class of the game and one of the best builds. Conquerors are extremely tanky thanks to the Defensive Mastery and have high damage output since both masteries highly boost Strength.

While leveling up I recommend that you put most of your points into Strength but some into Health as well, typically every 5th or 6th Attribute Point I put into Health. Once I get to 60 + I like to put some into Energy too if I am not having a difficult time with enemies.

As a Conqueror one of the best pieces of advice I can give you is to stop in Act 3 each difficulty for the Sabertooth weapon and again in Act 5 for Einherjar's Fate. These weapons will be some of the biggest upgrades you can get in each Difficulty and they will carry you through the game. Einherjar's Fate will last you from Act 1 - 3 in each new Difficulty and Sabertooth will carry you from Act 3 - 5.

Stonebinder's Cuffs isn't a bad piece of gear for you to get either, but you may need to dump some points into Dexterity to equip it (which isn't a big deal). For Resistances I recommend you get 30 - 60% Elemental Resistances and try to cap out Piercing, Vitality, Poison while also getting as much Physical Resistance as you can. Thanks to the Defense Rally ability you'll get a lot of your Elemental Resistances each time you use it. That means you can gear yourself out with other Resistances in mind.

It's up to you if you'd like to use the Dual Wield tree in Warfare on your Conqueror or not. I prefer a more tanky character so I went with a sword and board Conqueror; if this is your first character and you have no gear to pass down to your Conqueror I would recommend you do not go Dual Wield as you'll definitely want the extra survivability for the times your gear is dragging you down.

Your playstyle for a Conqueror will be pretty straight forward. Onslaught will be your left click ability with Shield Charge typically being bound to right click. I know some people like Battle Standard on this button too since it is frequently used.

Drop Battle Standard at the start of the battle some place where it won't get destroyed easily with AoE attacks and then go to town on the enemy with Onslaught. Shield Charge is very useful too for closing the distance between you and enemies as well as the Skill Disruption that it inflicts if you get the passive.

(Defense) Rally: When you take damage this should be the first thing you use to heal yourself, use potions while Rally is on cooldown. Rally will also provide you with increased Resistances as well as a bunch of other goodies, so long as you get the passives.

(Defense) Battle Awareness: Long term buff that you'll want to use for a lot of survivability. Get the passives that go with it, especially Iron Will since that gives you 80% resistances to most of your Secondary Resistances (Sleep, Stun, Trap, Freeze).

(Defense) Colossus Form: Boss killing ability. Very long cooldown but you become insanely powerful (and big). When there are no bosses around to kill you can use this ability to run through maps like a giant and skip tons of enemies that you don't feel like fighting.

(Defense) Unyielding Phalanx: Added into the game during Atlantis and one of my favorite Defense abilities. Drop these ontop of a boss for tons of damage or a pack of enemies and they'll decimate them.

(Defense - Optional) Quick Recovery: The best way I can think of to describe this ability is it's like a tanking cooldown. Pop this to take less damage from all of the enemies attacking you. Will only work against melee or ranged (physical) attacks.

(Defense) Shield Charge: A great ability that I typically bind to my Right Click. You can use this ability to very quickly close the gap between you and the enemies and also disrupt their skills if you get the passive along with Shield Charge.

(Warfare) Battle Standard: One of the bread and butter abilities for this build. Battle Standard will give you significant boosts to your offensive capabilities as well as debuff enemies in its radius. Drop this at the start of every semi-difficult to difficult battle in an area where it won't get destroyed but is still in range of you.

(Warfare) Onslaught: This will be your left click ability for this build. One of the highest DPS melee abilities in the game and one of the best abilities in Warfare. Get this very early on as it will be one of the best abilities for helping you level up.

(Warfare - Optional) Slam: If you want to have a long range attack which does somewhat decent damage and debuffs the enemies get this. The Stun, Skill Disruption and Impaired Aim make this a strong hitting CC ability. It's also useful for bosses when you are under geared. You can kite them around and keep Slamming them from a distance.

(Warfare - Optional) War Horn: An AoE stun ability which is insanely useful in the right circumstances. It has a short cooldown and can be spammed pretty frequently if you have -Recharge gear. Most enemies in this game can be stunned and there is no diminishing returns.

Conqueror Character Sheet


Other Tips:

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