Alderaan Aim Datacron Location Alderaan Aim Datacron

This Datacron unlocks the codex entry - Galactic History 43: The Great Droid Revolution

This datacron holds unheard of power and knowledge collected by an ancient race. You access its power and discover writings which are clearly only one small piece of a massive galactic history:

Debate had been raging in the Republic over the issue of droid rights: Did droids deserve the same treatment as organic beings, and was owning droids tantamount to slavery? This question was rendered moot when a Czerka-built assassin droid, HK-01, went rogue and began reprogramming other droids to rise up against their masters, in what would be called the Great Droid Revolution.

Republic citizens, surrounded by thousands of rogue droids--every model, from protocol to sanitation to battle units--found themselves at the mercy of their former servants. Several planets were subjugated in the name of the droid rebellion, until the signal controlling the droids was traced. 

Following the signal, a team of Jedi destroyed HK-01, returning the rogue droids to their original programming. The relieved Republic returned to normal, and the issue of droid rights was not raised again.

How To Retrieve This Datacron

Coordinates: X 1106 , Y 173

This Datacron is located in The Juran Mountains on Alderaan. The Juran Mountains are around central Alderaan so whatever Flightpath you have that takes you right around the center of the map is the one you'll want to take. Depending on your faction there is a bit of running required to get to the start point but hey, who really cares?!

This is a rather easy Datacron to get to; the hardest part of reaching this Datacron is finding the path that leads to the Damaged Lift which you need to take down to the little island that the Datacron is on. The path is across the bridge at the very start of the "Organa Medical Camp". It can be found at the Coordinates 1161 , 230 or you can just look at (Screenshots 1 & 2). Follow the snowy path down to the Damaged Lift which you will need to wait for... I hate waiting.

Once it arrives you need to jump ontop of it, carefully, and then slowly ride it down to the small island that the Datacron is on below. If you're having trouble making the jump wait until it starts down the wire towards the island and jump onto it diagonally. Once you're over top the island jump off the lift and collect the Datacron reward!

Alderaan Aim Datacron
Location on the map of where the Snowy Path Starts.

Alderaan Aim Datacron 2
The snowy path that you need to follow to reach the Damaged Lift.

Alderaan Aim Datacron 3
Standing ontop the Damaged Lift waiting for the Lift to make its way up to me.

Alderaan Aim Datacron Coords
The Aim Datacron up close.

Alderaan Aim Datacron Location
Location of the Aim Datacron on the map.