Gizka Invasion Side Quest - Tatooine (Kotor 1)

Gizka On The Ebon Hawk

Start Location: Tatooine
Cut Off Point: When you reach the Unknown World
Reward: 560xp for killing; 500xp for selling (and 100 Credits/Dark Side Points if you lie)

When you dock on Tatooine for the very first time someone by the name of Jor Ul Kurax will approach you and tell you that he's dumped a crate of Gizka on your ship. Until you get rid of these creatures you'll find them bouncing around your ship like in the picture above.

You will have 3 options for getting rid of them but only two of the methods will get you xp. The first and easiest way to get rid of them is to poison them and you can buy the poison you need from the vendor in the Docking Bay on Tatooine. Just south of where the Ebon Hawk docks and right next to where you got this quest you'll find Mic'Tunan'Jus Orgu (pictured below).

At the bottom of this vendor's item list you'll find an item named 'Gizka Poison' that sells for 350 Credits. Simply buy this then give it to a Gizka on your ship and they'll all kill each other (brutal). You'll get a 560xp reward for choosing this method of completion.

Gizka Poison Vendor on Tatooine

The other method for getting rid of these Gizka is to sell them to an exotic pet dealer on Manaan. On the planet of Manaan in the Docking Bay area you'll find a Selkath that you can talk to by the named of Nubassa (pictured below).

Initially Nubassa will offer to take care of your Gizka problem if you pay him 100 Credits. You can [Persuade] or [Force Persuade] him to take them for free or if you have less than 100 Credits you can tell him you can't pay and he'll take them for free too. Alternatively, you can earn some Dark Side Points and [Persuade/Lie] that these Gizka are special Gizka and convince him to pay you 100 Credits instead.

Poison Gizka Reward: 560xp

Sell Gizka Reward: 500xp and 100 Credits (with Persuade/Lie)

Nubassa Gizka Quest