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You won't get very far in Rimworld without a Tradeskill/Crafting Room. It's up to you if you'd like to separate each crafting table into its own room, I feel that it looks better when you give each profession their own room... However it can get a bit costly in terms of space which can be a problem if you're playing this game with the difficulty turned up enough.

The most practical approach you can take for a crafting room is shown in the screenshot above. I took this screenshot on year 2 and I have unlocked the majority of the available crafting benches. I'm still missing 3 or 4 crafting tables which I most likely would of built new rooms for rather than shoving them into this one.

As you can see I also have a couple of shelves in the middle of this room which hold some commonly used crafting mats. This will help decrease travel time to and from your warehouse. What you put on these shelves will vary depending on what it is you're mostly crafting. One other thing that is worth mentioning is the size I chose for this room is a bit excessive. I could make it a lot more narrow which would save space but IMO would make it look less 'pretty'.


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If you're like me and you'd prefer to give each crafting profession their own individual room then I have some helpful information for you below. Basically I have covered every crafting profession in the game and provided a little bit of information about how big you should make their room and where you should place it in your base.



Stonecutting Room: This is one of your more important crafting rooms to make and is typically best placed right next to the Warehouse where you keep your stone chunks. I'd recommend 2 Stonecutters Tables unless you have a colony of 20+ people then do 3 tables and 1 Art Bench all in the same room. The room doesn't need to be very big, just make sure you can fit all 3 tables and 1 tool cabinet which will link to all of the benches. I also typically leave the door set to 'Hold Open' from this tradeskill room to my warehouse with stone chunks to save my colonists time inbetween crafting.

Tailoring Room: If you're playing on a map with a cold climate I recommend you have 2 Tailoring Benchs and you get them up and running as early as possible. When winter comes if you don't have warm clothes it's going to be basically game over man, game over. As for the size you room you need - very small. Aside from the Tailoring Benches the only other things you need to build are a Tool Cabinet and a Tailor Cabinet (if you are using Vanilla Expanded mods). Where you put these rooms in your base doesn't really matter but I would recommend putting a Stockpile of Cloth or Leather nearby to reduce travel time for your colonists.

Research Room: When you are first starting your colony you'll want to make a small research room with 2 simple research benches; plan for this room to be temporary. If you're using the Vanilla Expanded Furniture mod then you'll want enough space for a File Cabinet too but that's all you need to put in this room. Once you start to become more advanced and you research Microelectronics you'll unlock the Hi-tech Research Bench which takes up more space. You can also research the Multi-analyzer which is an addon for the Hi-tech Research Bench. After you unlock the Hi-tech Research Bench you'll want to make a permanent room that you can fit 2 Hi-tech Research Benches into, 2 Multi-analyzers and 1 File Cabinet.

Butchering Room: A butchering room should be placed right next to your corpse freezer and somewhere in the general proximity of your food freezer to reduce travel time. The corpse freezer should have an entrance that goes directly into the butchering room as well.



Brewery & Fermenting Barrels:

Drug Lab:

Hydroponics Room:

Machining Table: