Kingdoms of Amalur - Trainers

Trainers in Kingdoms of Amalur will provide you with a permanent increase to whatever skill it is that they train. However depending on what type of trainer you're going to they may not or may only be able to train your skill level if it is over a certain point. There are three different types of trainers, Basic Trainers which handle (1 - 3), Advanced Trainer which handles (4 - 7) and a Master Trainer which handles (7 - 9).

No matter what level trainer you go to each trainer can only give you a single point in each skill. There are however usually two or three trainers per skill that you're trying to raise, visiting all of them will get you through that skill rank without a problem. If you are past a certain skill rank and run into a Basic Trainer it is common amongst players to then visit a Fateweaver, to De-level, train at the basic trainer and any others out there before Re-leveling their abilities.

Kingdoms of Amalur Trainer Locations

Stealth Basic - Star Camp

Mercantile Basic - Star Camp

Persuasion Basic Trainer - House of Ballads

Detect Hidden Trainer - Gorhart Inn

Blacksmithing Trainer - Shieldring Keep

Dispelling Trainer - Adessa

Alchemy Basic Trainer - Ysa (Jakasen)

Alchemy Basic Trainer - Emaire

Alchemy Advanced Trainer - Rathir

Blacksmithing Basic Trainer - Ysa (Holte Flenn)

Blacksmithing Advanced Trainer - Mel Senshir (Ragna Senn)

Sagecrafting Basic Trainer - Ysa (Need Delving Hall keyfrom Scholia Arcana Embassy)

Sagecrafting Basic Trainer - Ysa

Sagecrafting Advanced Trainer - Rathir

Lockpicking Basic Trainer - Southeast Lorca Rane

Lockpicking Basic Trainer - Tiren's Rest

Lockpicking Advanced Trainer - Seawatch (right outside) - Elya Madmyr

Dispelling Advanced Trainer - Rathir

Dispelling Basic Trainer - Ysa

Dispelling Master Trainer - House of Sorrows

Merantile Advanced Trainer - Moon Camp

Detect Hidden Basic Trainer - Gohart Basic Trainer

Detect Hidden Basic Trainer - Ysa (Ambassador Odvar)

Persuasion Basic Trainer - House of Ballads

Persuasion Basic Trainer - Rathir

Persuasion Advanced Trainer - Forum, The Isles, Adessa

Stealth Basic Trainer - Star Camp

Stealth Basic Trainer - Moon Camp

Kingdoms of Amalur Backpack Upgrade Locations

Ysa - Riona Helt in Asker's Alley

Gorhart - Corner Stop (Rikka Egest)

Adessa - Senecer Macit in Domus Polfitica

Mel Senshir - Illyn Doldran

Rathir - Scholia Arcana, (Tywili Coast)