Kingdoms of Amalur Blacksmithing Guide

Blacksmithing Station

The system in place for Blacksmithing in Kingdoms of Amalur is quite interesting and quite fun when it comes to crafting gear. In order to make each piece of gear you need to gather up all of the required materials. The materials are pretty much exactly the same for each piece of gear, just sometimes rivets are substituted for string or something of that effect. Also with all items you make there is a bonus slot, a gem slot, which is not a requirement to make the gear but it is a requirement if you want the absolute best gear.

Gathering all of the materials required to complete a successful round of Blacksmithing is quite easy. You can purchase all of them from a specific vendor if you'd like (or can find a vendor that sells them) or, the most common of ways to get materials, salvage the items you find out in the world. Salvaging the items you find is the main way to retrieve the materials you will need to make the better gear and actually the only way to get the best materials in the game.

As you could imagine vendors only sell materials that are so-good. When it comes to salvaging you can find absolutely any material in the game. You just need to salvage the right thing and get lucky enough doing it, of course! You will find the best materials when salvaging a blue item. It doesn't matter if you're looking to make a Faeblade and you salvage staves; you can still get a useful item from salvaging albeit a less useful one than salvaging from the actual catagory of items you're looking to make from.

There isn't much of a super indepth guide I can write for Blacksmithing since 99.9% of everything involving Blacksmithing is mostly learn as you go... However, I can give you some great tips and much need to know information on the Tradeskill!

Blacksmithing Tips

- To create the best gear through Blacksmithing you will need max Blacksmithing (which allows Master craft gear to be created) and you will need to salvage all of the blue and green gear around your level that you want materials from.

- For the first "half" of the game, Rathir and mobs around Rathir have the best materials. If you want the mobs here are all probably in their twenties; you could essentially come up to Rathir and farm up enough gear to salvage to make your own amazingly beast gear to plow through the game. Behind Rathir you will find the second highest level materials from around Adessa.

- Past Rathir you will find the best materials, Prismere, around southern Klurikon in the Caeled Coast area. Past that you have Alabastra which drops all the same stuff as Caeled Coast just you will find blues and epics here more often.

- In order to make the best gear through Blacksmithing you will need to max the skill. Maxing it allows you to make Mastercraft Gear.

Those are all of the Blacksmithing tips that come to mind as of now. Ultimately all you need to know about Blacksmithing is salvage every good piece of blue or green gear you would normally vendor for it's materials and eventually you will be able to make your own bangin' piece of gear! The only thing about salvaging everything you come across though is your inventory will get filled up extremely fast so go through every once in awhile and vendor the materials that are no good.

For example, even when salvaging a good item such as a level 35+ Dagger you still have a chance to get a weak +5 Health say rivet or something. At that level a +5 Health anything is completely useless to you so you mine as well just vendor it without a second thought. Remember to keep it up, be persistant and usually after salvaging 100 - 200 items you will have enough of the best materials for your level to make yourself a full set of gear plus weapons.

That's it for Blacksmithing right now... I am working on my second playthrough of the game so if I come across anything I might have missed or remember anything I will be sure to post updates!