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Guild Wars 2 Bandit Slayer Achievement

Bandit Slayer is one of the achievements you will usually get just from playing the game normally although if you skip a lot of the Kryta content you won’t get it because, well, you won’t be killing many Bandits! After leveling just three characters I got Bandit Slayer to max, that isn’t me bragging but just giving you an idea of how much effort it will take to get Bandit Slayer on your account. Aside from getting it naturally you have a few different areas you can farm to get it but there is one area that stands out amongst all of the other ones. The location I am talking about is Bandithaunt Caverns in Queensdale.

This location is in western Queensdale just south of where Humans first start the game. You will find tons of Bandits inside these caverns and they will all be levels 1 – 4 which makes them extremely easy to kill. If you’re level 80 you will pretty much just one shot the Bandits which will really make it easy to get Bandit Slayer. Also a bonus for being a higher level here is you will get level 80 loot for farming here, sometimes at least. If you’re familiar with how things work in Gw2, when you’re a higher level than the content you’re doing it will half of the time drop loot your level and the other half of the time drop loot at the level of the content.

Below is a picture of where you can find the Bandithaunt Caverns to hunt these Bandits for the Bandit Slayer Achievement.

That is pretty much all there is to getting this Slayer Achievement. It's extremely straight forward and shouldn't take anymore than a few hours to do depending on how many Bandits you've already killed for it. Overall you're probably looking at about 5 - 8 hours of farming.