How to get the Widowmaker - Elder Scrolls: Morrowind

Iveri Llothri and Botrir Reunion

Location: West of Indoranyon
Requirements: N/A
Video: How to get Widowmaker

Widowmaker is an axe that is currently in the possession of Iveri Llothri who is found to the east of the Zainab Camp in the northeastern portion of Vvardenfell. Retrieving this axe from Iveri is part of the Widowmaker Side Quest started by talking to Botrir, a naked Nord, west of Indoranyon/Hanud.

If you plan to obtain Widowmaker for yourself it's recommended you do this quest at the same time, the reward is a permanent increase to +1 for Axes. Although the quest intends for you to sacrifice Widowmaker for that +1 to Axes, there's an easy method for you to get both the axe and the +1 to Axes reward when you finish this quest. You agree to help Botrir track down the witch and then surrender the Widowmaker to him at the end of the quest like normal.

He'll give you the +1 to Axes when you give him Widowmaker back. Then you can either kill him or pickpocket him for Widowmaker.

Botrir and Iveri Map Locations