How to get the BiPolar Blade - Elder Scrolls: Morrowind

Marena Gilnith Matchmaker Quest

Location: Godsreach, Mournhold
Requirements: Save your game - you only have a 67% chance of receiving this reward
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BiPolar Blade is one of the possible quest rewards for completing The MatchMaker Side Quest in the Tribunal Expansion Pack. To begin this quest you'll need to speak with Marena Gilnith whose found in the Great Bazaar of Mournhold. She wants you to set her up on a date with a good man and depending on who you pick the reward will be different.

Note: Before you do this quest it is highly recommended you Save your game. This quest does not have a 100% success rate so you will need to keep reloading until you get the reward you want.

Out of the 3 men you can set up Marena Gilnith with the only one who will give you the BiPolar Blade is Sunel Hlas. You can find Sunel Hlas inside of the Mournhold, Trader shop in the Great Bazaar. For this quest you will have to run back and forth between these two a few times to setup the date.

If you talk with Sunel Hlas before the date you'll have the opportunity to choose from 3 dialogue options with him; suggest that he be optimistic and you'll have a 67% of him whooing Marena Gilnith successfully. This is the highest % chance you can get to complete this quest.

Mournhold MatchMaker Map Locations
Map locations for Marena and Sunel in the Great Bazaar.

After you've set Marena and Sunel up together you will have to wait 48hrs to see what the results are. You should 'Wait' somewhere near by for 48hrs and then speak with Sunel immediately after. If you don't get the BiPolar Blade like you want then load your previous save and try again.


BiPolar Blade