Call of Juarez - Dying Light Easter Egg

Call of Juarez Statue in Cranes Room

In order to find this Easter Egg you'll need to complete the Gunslinger quest which is given to you early on in the game by Dawud at The Tower. All you need to do is bring him a pistol to complete the first part of the quest and to receive the Pawn Shop Key. You'll find the Ray McCall action figure inside of the Pawn Shop which is the Call of Juarez Easter Egg. Call of Juarez is another game developed by Techland (the same company who made Dying Light).

After you pick up the Action Figure in the Pawn Shop you'll be able to find it inside of your room in the Tower (pictured above). You're able to interact with it in the tower and it'll play two quotes from Call of Juarez when you do.