Lower Kurast Super Chest Farming Guide - Diablo 2



How to Reach: (Cold Plains > Burial Grounds > Mausoleum)
Zone Level: Nightmare: 37 - Hell: 85
Golden Chest: Yes
Boss/Champ Packs: 4 - 5
Hell Immunities: Fire (Hell Buzzard & Zakarumite), Lightning (Doom Ape & Tree Lurker)

Lower Kurast is well known for High Rune farming due to the 'Super Chests' throughout the zone. A Super Chest is basically a chest, for whatever reason, has an extremely high quantity of drops. Golden Chests are kind of like Super Chests but they're all marked and easy to identify.

On this page you will solely find information about Lower Kurast Super Chest farming, if you'd like to see the other guides I have written for this area then I recommend you check out my Kurast Gold Farming Guide. That page goes into much more detail about farming Lower Kurast, Kurast Bazaar and Upper Kurast.