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One of the most important lessons I can teach you in Baldur's Gate is to buff up before each and every battle. Buffing your characters up before battle is so over powered that future games inspired by Baldur's Gate (such as Pillars of Eternity) specifically designed their games to have no buffs you can cast before combat.

For those of you who know nothing about DnD, much like myself, what buffs stack with each other and which don't isn't entirely obvious. Additionally, which buffs are even worth using? These questions are what lead me to do a ton of research about DnD (and this game) and learn exactly which buffs are worth using for combat purposes.

Below you'll find the complete list of all spells worth using before combat. I've sorted these lists for both Priests and Mages since they have access to a different set of spells.


All Cleric Buffs Before Combat:

- Bless (long duration)
- Aid
- Resist Fear (if needed)
- Chant
- Free Action
- Circle of Protection Against Evil
- Defensive Harmony
- Chaotic Commands
- Animate Dead (Pet)


All Wizard Buffs Before Combat:

- Shield
- Blur
- Mirror Image
- Haste
- Spirit Armor
- Improved Invisibility
- Minor Sequencer, Spell Sequencer, Spell Trigger, Contingency, Chain Contingency
- Stoneskin
- Spell Immunity
- Spell Shield
- Improved Haste
- Spell Trap
- Mislead, Project Image or Simulacrum
- Animate Dead (Pet)

As you can see from the lists above, Wizards have significantly more spells you can cast before entering combat than Priests do. However, not every spell on this list is worth using before every fight. You'll have to gauge the difficulty of each fight and estimate how much preparation you want to do before it.

In my experience the only fights that you want to go all out on are against bosses and dragons. When fighting targets such as those no amount of preparation is too great. For the most part every other fight you can get away with only using a few of the more important buffs. Below I have included a quick rotation of what I typically do before combat on most fights:

1. Animate Dead on Wizard/Cleric
2. Bless (Cleric)
3. Mirror Image or Blur (Wizard)
4. Chant (Cleric)
5. Circle of Protection Against Evil (Cleric)
6. Resist Fear (Cleric; if needed)
7. Haste

There are a couple of buffs worth using that did not make it into the quick list above such as Shield, Spirit Armor, Stoneskin and a couple more. I didn't include these into the quick list above because each of these spells lasts a really long time and you will typically cast them long before battle. For some of them (like Stoneskin) you'll automatically cast it after each rest. Also, it wouldn't be so much a quick list if I jammed every single spell imaginable into it!


(Cleric) Bless:

(Cleric) Aid:


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