Iron Ore Farming Guide

The best place to farm for Iron Ore is just below Altgard along the wall on the otherside of the water. You will rarely see other players over here since there is nothing to kill while farming for the Iron Ore and because this place isn't that well known.

Altgard Iron Farming Location

Iron Ore is very commonly used in crafting low level gear via Armorsmithing. Chances are if you're farming for it you have that intention since Iron Ore will not net you a lot on the AH. There is one more place that is half way decent for farming Iron Ore and that is along the Walls of the MuMu Farmlands.

Altgard Iron Farming Location

While farming here you will also be able to gather Silver and other various consumables. Unlike right below Altgard, this place will have a few people farming here or at least gathering your nodes since it is a popular leveling location.