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Raising Extract Vitality Guide (100 - 160)

Once your skill reaches 100 you will want to use the Teleporter to port to Morheim. In Northern Morheim you will find Titanium Deposits which will take you all the way up to 130 easily. However, once your skill reaches 110 you will also want to grab the Wrud logs that are also in this arae.

TitaniumWurd Log

You will want to collect the Titanium and Wrud Logs until your skill is 120 or more. You can also find Gadil which is a fish in the river further southeast. It requires 115 skill but will quickly raise you to 120. At skill level 120 you will be allowed to collect Twisp Fiber which can be found east across the river.


The Twisp will take you up to 130 at which point you will also be able to pick the Theonia which is in the same general areas as the Twisp. Whether or not you want to still pick the Twisp once you can gather the Theonia is up to you. Chances are it won't sell on the Auction House (unless you're on a really high pop server then it might). I recommend getting at least 130 Gathering before going down closer to where it says "Musphel Gate".

Patamor Thicket

Down here you will find a mix of Twisp as well as Vinna mixed in with it. The Vinna is pretty scarce so you will mostly be focusing on raising it from the Twisps. However the Vinna will be a nice boost to your skill when you do spot one.


You'll want to stay here and raise your skill until it reaches 140-145. Once your skill reaches at LEAST 140 you will be able to pick Rabano in Brusthonin. These skill levels will go by quickly since Rabano is almost like a weed amongst these farmsteads with all of the spawn locations it has. Below I've circled the many different farm areas that it can spawn. Your best bet is running back and forth from each location to raise your skill the fastest.

RabanoRabano Locations

Once your skill reaches 160 you will want to head over to my favorite gold farming location EVER. Literally the amount of gold you will be getting at this location is just insane, lets go take a look!