Almar's Aion Guides

This section includes Aion Guides that will help new players get started with Aion making it easier to jump right in and have fun. Each section is seperated into different catagories, currently the whole Aion page is under going massive construction while I anticipate it's release. Please click on the section below that interests you the most:

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Almar's Aion Title Guide


Q: Is there an Aion Free Trial? If so where can I download it?

A: Currently there is no Free Trial, however when there is I will update this and post the link.

Q: What Type of Servers are in Aion?

A: There will be no "unique" server times in Aion.

Q: What type of Internet Connection do I need to play Aion?

A: Any type of connection works, however cable or DSL is preferred.

Q: Am I able to create Elyos and Asmodians on the same account, on the same server?

A: No

Q: What is the Monthly Fee for Aion?

A: 14.99$

Q: How hard is it to level in Aion?

A: Aion is originally a Korean MMORPG. If that sentence doesn't sum it up, about as hard as FFXI. If thats still confusing. A month or more if you're hardcore 3+ Months for a semi-casual.

Q: Are you able to use Addons in Aion?

A: No. Using addons is a bannable offense.

Q: Is there end game PvP in Aion? How about PvE?

A: In Aion they use a unique system called PvPvE. This system is PvP with a 3rd faction, The Balaur, thrown in. The Balaur can be against both Asmodians or Elyos or they can join and help one side.