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Retro Gaming Walkthroughs

           This is the index page for my Retro Gaming Walkthroughs. On this page you can find a link to each of the different systems I have covered and on each system's page you can find each of the different games I have covered. Keep in mind that every game that has a review may not have a walkthrough and vice versa. The second important thing I would like to mention is these walkthroughs aren't going to be traditional walkthroughs. What I mean is they aren't walkthroughs for the entire game. I often find that to be too time consuming and a fruitless endeavor financially.

           The walkthroughs I have written are mostly going to be for side quests and/or areas people are extremely prone to get stuck on. Small and often short guides that answer some of the most commonly googled questions about those games. If you're a retro gamer you kind of know what I mean. Often for some games we're stuck browsing old forum posts to try and complete something and that can sometimes be frustrating. Those are primarily the type of guides I am writing here.

           A lot of my guides are compiled through hours of internet research as well. As aforementioned when trying to find information online about a game sometimes the most you can find is some forum posts from 2006 on gamefaqs or some internet archive. In instances like this I usually research the subject extensively and confirm that the information is right and then rewrite it and make it into a guide format which is then posted here. As a retro gamer I know how frustrating it is to spend time googling trying to find the information you need. Hopefully in time my website will become a repository for a lot of this information. That's my vision after all!

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